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CAMILLA Sydney Head Office 

Working in house with the Australian Fashion label Camilla and in collaboration with Pike Withers, one of Australia’s leading design firms, we helped create the fit out and interiors for the new Camilla Sydney head office and showroom spaces in a unique 2000 square meter warehouse site in Alexandria. 

The warehouse space featured a saw-tooth roof, exposed step trusses and sandblasted brickwork which was the perfect combination of raw elements left untouched and new installations and layers to truly create the essence of Camilla Frank’s brand. 

The design incorporated artefacts and inspiration from her travels throughout the world. We were also tasked with re-purposing existing furniture from across the globe into functional furniture and display features. Luxury furnishings include an array of imported antiques, ranging from Indian wooden arched swings to suspended antique wooden horses and custom made faux greenery walls. 

True to the Camilla ethos, always unexpected, joyful and free with an artisan spirit, the space is like no other. Design elements feature a two-story showroom, faux greenery walls, multiple meeting rooms, a boardroom boasting a unique glass artwork installation and a meditation room, to name but a few and with a cactus nursery, tee pee tent, gypsy caravan and treehouse meeting room still in the works. 

It is a cultural hub, inviting and full of journey and pleasant surprises. Impressive high ceilings create a sense of airiness, the grand archway design invites in the curious and allows you to flow freely through the space, noticing enormous love in the detail.

Indulging in nostalgia as you navigate through the space, each area reflects Camilla’s global wanderings. From Mykonos to Mexico and Morocco, India to Bali and Tibet and all the way back to South America, a design that harmoniously unites contrasting textures and shapes from each treasured destination. The showrooms ooze a bohemian-luxe visual identity featuring hand woven rope ceiling, wooden pillars with intricate inlay detailing, white texturised stone painted archways and antique brass racking with custom finials. While a dimly lit blue cave, pays homage to her muse Frida Kahlo, with eclectic Mexican ornaments dressing the walls and a mediation room that is adorned in antique Tibetan doors and prayer flags. The welcoming kitchen area for Camilla angels to eat, sip, nourish and harmoniously unite in, boasts abundant low slung wicker chairs, rope hammocks, in-built terracotta fireplace, Balinese tiled walls, wickerwork baskets turned lampshades and linen covered banquette seating. 

The 2000 square meter space full of rich textures and handcrafted details offers a holistic brand experience with an emphasis in craftsmanship, artisan process combined with a sensory experience, in true essence of the Camilla brand.