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Camilla Boutique Design & Strategic Retail Guidelines

With 20 boutiques Australia-wide, and plans to open their first store soon in the US, the boutiques are considered to be the gateway into the colorful Camilla world. Whilst working in house with Australian Fashion label and in partnership with Bernard Dooling Consulting and Christian Pappas from HMKM, a London based design consultancy specializing in retail. We travelled across Australia visiting all 19 Camilla stores working across architecture, interior design, branding and image creation. Our team of curators set out to re-create, re-define and evolve the retail and design concepts. From store development, planning and retail interior design to strategic retail guidelines, retail furniture design and merchandising solutions we recreated the design formula and blueprint for the Camilla boutiques worldwide. In re-designing and creating new concepts from structural elements such as tiles and columns to designing multi-dimensional stores and linear density through racking positioning all the way through to packaging solutions. Creating a footprint for Camilla pop-ups and retail stores that can be executed with leading retail partners and pave the way for opening Camilla boutiques in international markets.