Pair of Brass and Aluminium Vintage Brutalist Candlesticks by David Marshall


These remarkable vintage candlesticks, created by the celebrated sculptor David Marshall in the 1980s, boast an exceptional blend of materials and design elements. Crafted meticulously from brass and aluminum, they exude a commanding presence with their striking Brutalist aesthetic.

What sets these candlesticks apart is not just their functionality but their inherent artistic value. Marshall's meticulous craftsmanship is evident in the intricate detailing and distinctive marks adorning each piece, adding a layer of uniqueness to their overall appeal.

Beyond their utilitarian purpose, these candlesticks transcend into the realm of sculptural art. Their substantial weight and tactile allure invite exploration, while their bold Brutalist design speaks to Marshall's fearless exploration of raw aesthetics.

Owning these candlesticks isn't merely acquiring functional decor; it's acquiring a piece of artistic history, a tangible representation of Marshall's bold artistic vision and his mastery of form and material.

Aluminium and Brass  

Item 01
Height: 160mm

Item 02 
Height: 125mm

In excellent, original condition. Wear commensurate with age.

Please note that items in our vintage collection are classified as vintage and/or second-hand, and are sold accordingly. We diligently strive to identify and disclose any significant flaws. However, minor imperfections are to be expected, as they are inherent to the nature of the age and unique character of vintage items.

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