Merci Maison

SIR Manly Store


SIR’s first footprint in the Australian retail space so we needed to the ensure the design spoke the language of the brand, in an elevated and contemporary tone, staying cohesive to the aesthetic of SIR the label. The design concepts takes inspiration from galleries, museums, artist installations and primitive stone-structures.

Design elements from the Indonesian retail space were carried through into this sphere, remaining cohesive and consistent with their existing spatial identity. We were able to carry this through with the use of raw elements, limestone, textured designs and opulent marble against the otherwise neutral colour space.

Setting the foundation for the brands first physical space in Australia, the curved walls and beautiful archways formed a beautiful interior space for the display of product and installations while the use of materials including curved brass rails, limestone sculptures and three variations of marble are all custom to the space.

Focusing on craftsmanship, we used both local artists and the use of natural and raw materials to execute our vision.The interior is layered, merging bespoke design elements and raw materials with a narrative to create a space that is not only a sensory retail experience but speaks to the aesthetic of SIR the label.