At its heart, Merci Maison was founded as a conduit for connection.

A way to connect people to pieces that evoke interest, fascination, and aesthetic appreciation; to connect our brand with a passionate community; to connect that community with talented, likeminded artisans.

In this spirit of forging impactful and lasting relationships, Merci Maison is uncompromising about the commercial partnerships into which we enter. We care deeply for the people who work with us and intentionally eschew large-scale manufacturers, opting instead for smaller producers and handmade, limited runs of our pieces.

From creators and artisans to suppliers and manufacturers, we maintain strict oversight across our local and international supply chains. Face-to-face touch points and regular communication with our team keeps us both confident in their practices and continues to build their trust in us.

Material excellence is paramount, and we craft many of our pieces using iron, steel, teak, mahogany, raffia, and rattan. We are respectful of the natural resources we use, and are working to build a business that leaves the world better than we found it. By embracing a smaller, slower-pace of production we avoid excess waste and tread as lightly as possible – creating only as much as we know we will sell.

We are constantly seeking out ways to improve upon our practices and view our sustainability efforts as an ongoing and evolving process.