Daimon Downey is a Sydney-based contemporary artist whose studio practice focuses on abstract and expressionist painting. With a background in music – a former frontman for Aria award-winning band Sneaky Sound System – his art is loud, full of life, pace and unabashed colour. The artist’s work has struck a chord with local and International clients for over 10 years, with a string of sell-out shows across Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and New York. Rooted in fantasy and the imagination, the art is born in Downey’s  studio overlooking Bondi Beach and invites the onlooker to feel comfort and happiness through its exploration of colour, balance and form. It offers an escape from the mundane and often harsh realities of life. Each timeless piece is designed to be lived with, supplying its owners with a window for safety, pleasure and escape.
Tell us about the pieces you’ve created for Merci Maison? How did you draw inspiration for these pieces? Did the shape of the Bello Frame have any influence?
The designs for these four pieces were specifically realised with the frames integral to the artwork…becoming part of the sculpture within. These frames are already proud pieces so hitting the balance between the two came down to colour. The white carved forms have bought the frame inward and the true marine / cobalt blue sits with a restful vibration, (a contradiction but its what I like about this specific pigment) but still with its own secret forms hidden in its own shadows. The pigment used is so rich and volatile that it never sets or cures so the work must be encased behind glass.  

When creating these pieces, where do you visualise your pieces ending up? Paint the picture of the room you see them in.
If you are reading this then they belong in your room…..or hanging above the mantle of a rainbow flamed fire hole in the bedroom of the floating castle owned by an intergalactic space princess who roams the universe collecting furniture and art.

How do you prepare for a new project or piece?
My studio is a mess with a million ideas and works in progress so it’s not so much approaching as it is refining. In this case I have been playing with carved wood for years and the brief spoke for itself in size, depth and shape of the frame. Laying everything out like a game of aesthetics and balance…I just start moving pieces until I think I have won.

Can you talk us through your creative process and how you developed your signature style?
My process is no magical formula but just second nature. It rattles around in my head all day and has done forever so eventually it filters into my own style. I guess the breakdown is that it is me. My art is the physical representation of thinking. There is no premeditation just doing. Plus I just love colour…a lot!

Where do you look for inspiration? Are there any artists or muses that have had a particular influence on your work?
It’s everywhere all the time and everyone has done something that someone admires at some stage. In this modern world the amount of visual information that explodes before you is overwhelming but we all have our own filters and at the end of the day the greats are still the greatest. …..Matisse, you move me!



Who or what are your greatest design influences?
I could scratch my head forever trying to narrow  this down but I remember the moment quite young seeing Memphis furniture in a book and realising furniture wasn’t just furniture and a lamp could be imagined and built not just for purpose. Memphis still has to be in my top spots of design loves.   

Tell us about your studio, what does your studio look like, sound like, smell like? What creates the perfect space for you?
Right now it’s a catastrophic mess….it’s like a moon cycle and right now it’s going through its full to the brim cluster fuck stage. On a good day it’s a sweet sun kissed beach breezy ocean facing  deco style oasis in Bondi. 

If you could design your dream home, what would it look like?
I’ll just take Julian Shnabels NYC villa thanks 

Where in your home do you go to think, create or be inspired?
BED…..na just kidding. I’m lucky enough to have a great home studio so that’s where it happens. 

Merci Maison is “Thank you, Home” in French, what would you say you are most grateful for you in your home / creative space?
The freedom to work when I want. To be so close to the beach that I never feel I’m missing out on anything when I’m working, the proximity to action when needed, the freedom to make a mess and the light.

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