Hannah Carrick is a Sydney based visual artist who works across various mediums including oil , acrylic and mixed media paintings representing the female form, to bold, powerful women embracing their sexuality, beauty and confidence.

Tell us about the pieces you’ve created for Merci Maison? 
These 3 pieces are a continuing collection I have been exploring over the past year - 'We Are The Sun' is inspired by the sun, earth and female energy. 

How did you draw inspiration for these pieces? 
The tones, textures and patterns in Australian landscapes are a massive inspiration in these works - I wanted to create almost rock-like formations using textured mediums. The 3 pieces represent togetherness, harmony & the connection we have with nature.

When creating these pieces, where do you visualise your pieces ending up? Paint the picture of the room you see them in. 
I imagine these pieces in a spacious living area with soft, moody lighting, polished cement walls, a fossil stone side table, decorated with a statement coral, coffee table book, ceramic vessels and pops of coloured trinkets and candles, with the 3 artworks featured in a staircase shape above the side table. 

How do you prepare for a new project or piece?
I always draw the concept and direction of every artwork before I start painting, I usually carry an art diary every day in my bag so I can draw out ideas if they come to me. I also like to go to an art supply store, something about seeing all the different types of paints, mediums and colours in an art store is therapeutic and inspiring to me. Visiting national parks, going for hikes and immersing myself in nature always sparks my imagination and has weaved it's way into my creative process for every new project. Before starting a new piece I declutter and tidy all my personal spaces, I feel this process is quite cleansing and therapeutic, giving me a sense of clarity and focus. It feels like a clean slate.  

Can you talk us through your creative process and how you developed your signature style?  
I started painting in high school in the early 2000's at Byron High. I was surrounded by a lot of surf culture art that really inspired me. I was massively influenced by Ozzie Wright and his bunny girl paintings - I loved his painting style and how whimsical it was and how he wasn't a traditional artist, paving his way in the art scene without conforming to traditional techniques. These early years were pivotal for my artist growth, especially having someone to look up to from such a young age that wasn't your traditional artist. In later years, I wanted my paintings to empower women and celebrate the female form. I feel my style is always changing - but is always centred around empowerment and positivity.



Where do you look for inspiration? Are there any artists or muses that have had a particular influence on your work? 
The Australian landscape, travel, architecture, Le Corbusier, Jean Cocteau, Henri Matisse & strong empowering women. 

Tell us about your studio, what does your studio look like, sound like, smell like?
I have a large mustard velvet sofa for afternoon napping, a stone coffee table that was meant to look cute but now is filled with empty coffee cups and piles of paper - overall it's a bit of an organised mess and smells of concrete, paint and coffee.

What creates the perfect space for you?  
Depends if it's my home or studio. For my home, the perfect space would feature moody lighting, natural textures and a very comfortable lounging feel, with incense or lavender oil filling the room. For my studio, large walls, good lighting and no noise. 

If you could design your dream home, what would it look like?  
Mid-century architecture, big windows, indoor and outdoor living, with nature as the centrepiece. 

Where in your home do you go to think, create or be inspired?
On my balcony which is like a concrete jungle oasis – I have an outdoor daybed where I sit and ponder in the sun and drink tea. 

Merci Maison is “Thank you, Home” in French, what would you say you are most grateful for you in your home / creative space?
My cosy sofas, I really like lounging and my outdoor stone dining table for entertaining. I love cooking and having friends over for yummy feasts and long lunches.



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