Vynka Hallam was raised in a true creative environment; her great grandmother was an artist and opera singer, and her mother has always been a very creative person. She is a self-taught artist, encouraged to follow her creative pursuits, she began drawing in charcoal at a young age. Her work celebrates a quality which exaggerates colour and perspectives, intentionally exposing brush marks and paint drips to show signs of the hand made and contribute to the visual environment of her works.



Tell us about the pieces you’ve created for Merci Maison?
I paint from my life. So sometimes it’s from everyday things, experiences or even memories.  

How did you draw inspiration for these pieces? Did the shape of the Bello Frame have any influence?
I usually start with colours or a feature piece and work from there to create the idea for each piece. The Bello frames are so gorgeous they definitely had an influence on the style of these smalls.  

When creating these pieces, where do you visualise your pieces ending up? Paint the picture of the room you see them in.
I feel that these smalls would look so good hanging altogether, in saying that each one holds its own….I imagine them In a modern romantic setting with an open and airy feeling. Making one feel like they are on holidays. Wooden ceiling beams and plaster. With earthy tones and some handmade iron details.

How do you prepare for a new project or piece?
I prepare by clearing my practical side of life’s work and then taking the time to plan the piece, composition, colour palette etc.

Can you talk us through your creative process and how you developed your signature style?

When I first started I was really wanting my own style straight away. But I don’t think that it can be forced, I believe it develops over time and with practise. 

Where do you look for inspiration? Are there any artists or muses that have had a particular influence on your work?
I look for inspiration in everyday life… I find nature to be the supreme source of inspiration. In saying that I do find great enjoyment from others art. Matisse of course is a master!

Who or what are your greatest design influences?
We live on the coast, so that’s an influence, but we have travelled extensively so that’s also strong influence.

Tell us about your studio, what does your studio look like, sound like, smell like? What creates the perfect space for you?
My studio is filled with art, paints, brushes, linen canvases with a lovely big window and a jute floor rug. I love the smell of all those things as I walk into my studio to create.

Where in your home do you go to think, create or be inspired?
I go to my studio and lay on the floor.

Merci Maison is “Thank you, Home” in French, what would you say you are most grateful for you in your home / creative space?
I am most grateful for my family. 



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